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Recent Works


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'New Playmates' - River Otters
'Peaceful Solitude' - Moose
"The Scout"-Wolf
"Laid Back" Sea Otter
"The Learning Curve" - Fox and Skunk
"Captivated"- Otters
"Neighborhood Watch"- Mule Deer
"Autumn Trail" - Black Bear
"Black Bear Head Study"
"New Territory"- Polar Bear
"Vantage Point"- Snow Leopard
"Elusive Viewer"- Cougar
"Bonding"- Bobcats
Investigation" - Wolves
Mountain Lion, Cougar, Feline, Cats

Cougars, Bobcats, Leopards, Tigers

Black Bear, Grizzly Bear
Wolf, Wolves, Canines
Racoons, Small Mammals, Moose, Birds

Wolves, Foxes, Coyotes

Grizzly, Black and Polar bears

Moose, Birds, Small Mammals etc.

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