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Part of the collection of Denali autumn scenes, this piece once again shows the dramatic richness of the Alaskan tundra for a brief few weeks in autumn. Reds of blueberry and Labrador tea bushes, greens of black spruce and yellows of dwarf willow dominate, but even close to the ground, the bunch berries and bear berries, mosses and lichens make for a vibrant under layer.  During this time, the caribou were more easily spotted, but once the first snows arrived and the color fell, they blended in superbly with their environment.

"Majestic Beauty" - Caribou

  • Original; Acrylic on Masonite - Sold

    Print Medium; Giclee Canvas Prints
    Edition Size; 350 (plus 35 AP’s)
    Image Size; 18" x 24"
    Price; $275.00

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