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The Denali National Park Autumn collection would not be complete with out a painting of ‘Denali’ the native Athabascan name meaning “The High One” (also known as Mt McKinley), the highest mountain in North America! If you are lucky enough to see it as I was, you will be in awe! It is truly incredible and even more so as the sun goes down, bathing it in pinks and golds. The title comes from the highest peak, the largest Ungulate, the Moose and the small ‘V’ swimming in Wonder Lake, is a beaver, North America’s largest rodent. 

"In The Company Of Giants" - Moose

  • Original; Oil Alkyd on Canvas

    Print Medium; Giclee Canvas Prints
    Edition Size; 350 (plus 35 AP’s)
    Image Size; 12" x 24"
    Price; $190.00

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