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This cougar is approximately a year and a half old, which is the age they would have their first litter.  You can see how young she is by the fading of the spots on her hindquarters and greenish hue to the eyes, changing from the beautiful blues of the cub, to the amber of the adult.   This piece is painted in gouache (an opaque watercolor medium), which can be used in a translucent style for the sunlight hitting the rocks or in an opaque technique for the fur on the cats. in Rosamond, California, where they have had much success in breeding this rare and magnificent animal. 

"First Litter" - Cougar & Cubs

  • Original; Gouache on Watercolor board - Sold

    Print Medium; Giclee Paper Print or Giclee Canvas Print
    Edition Size; 275 (plus 27 AP’s)
    Image size; 18" x 26"
    Price; $250.00

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